Writing Prompt: “A 6-Foot-Tall Barbie Doll With a Pair of Scissors in Hand”

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“Oh shut up,” I moaned, pulling my covers over my head.

Fido only barked louder and clawed at my bedroom door.

“Stupid dog.” I stood up and opened the door. The barking stopped. “Come on, let’s take you potty,” I said, reaching for the light switch.

The lights flickered on and glittered on a pair of oversized scissors. I froze. A human-sized Barbie doll stood outside my door, the scissors in one hand and Fido’s severed head the other.

“Really?” I said, putting my hands on my hips. “Again?”


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2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: “A 6-Foot-Tall Barbie Doll With a Pair of Scissors in Hand”

  1. Yitzakh says:

    Writing prompt: A slow moving car in front of you vanishes (This actually happened, and I wrote the story in my head a little while ago)

    Our family was driving to church in Minv on the rises and curves of the old tired concrete road through the quiet green countryside.

    We drove up behind a blue 2000’s Honda Accord LE, with a dealer’s license plate going about 13 miles below the posted speed limit.

    Nobody was happy about the delay, but we gamely stuck it out for almost 10 minutes behind this stupid car.

    The Accord vanished over the edge of a slight rise in the road ahead of us, but when we reached the crest, the long straightaway before us was empty.

    High above us, in a stealth cloaked, hydrogen powered aircraft, two scientists and a couple of highly ranked CIA agents were smiling wicked smiles of glee and anticipation.

    “Pleased to report sir, that the initial field test for the remote holographic projector has been 100% successful!”

    1. Katherine Garvin says:

      Ooh! That is creepy 🙂 And the implications are the creepiest part, because if they can make that kind of illusion, what are they going to do with it?

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