When Nature Takes a Dare

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“We won’t get any snow. We never do. When it’s cold, we get no precipitation. When there’s precipitation, it isn’t cold.”

I spoke these words on December 7th, 2016. It was the last day of Fall Semester, and I was looking toward a long Christmas break and an even longer Oregon winter. Rain. Cold. Cold. Rain. Never both at once. Just wet pavement and dark sky day after day after day.

It was the very next day when the first snow fell.

It was not the microscopic film that usually covers the ground if there is snow at all. As the snow continued to come down, it piled up, and by evening, there were a good two full inches of snow. If you live in the Willamette Valley, then you know that is a rare occurrence. The snow stuck around for a couple of days, long enough to be able to walk around and enjoy the glittering blanket that covered the city. When the snow melted away, we could rest, glad that we had actually had real snow this winter.

And then a week later, it returned. Once again, it was real snow that fell, and it postponed a dance recital and brought early Christmas Break to those not on a college schedule. This time when it melted, we were happy, because now we could say that we had two separate snow events during the winter.

And then another snow came and went.

And now it is snowy once more.

Four separate snows in one winter.

But it is like the taunt that you never want to use if you are a character in a movie.

Because it is a universal rule that once a character says those words, something terrible is going to happen. The taunt always brings that swarm of orcs or robot drones.

Or in this case, snow. But the snow is far more welcome.

4 thoughts on “When Nature Takes a Dare

  1. While I was reading it even before I got to that part I kept thinking “Is that the best you can do?!”
    I also like the Cameo Appearance of a certain cold sweet wintery superhero

    1. Katherine Garvin says:

      Really though. In any movie, whenever someone says that, all you can do is groan. “Why would you say that?” But as to the cameo appearance, I notice the Dark Blizzard is in her “I’m not a superhero” costume. 😉

  2. Adelaide Garvin says:

    Nah no baseball cap, or sunglasses

    1. Katherine Garvin says:


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